1. Design in a nutshell

    Open Learn, the free learning platform of the Open University, released in 2013 six short introductive videos around 20st century design movements: Gothic reavival, Arts & crafts, Bauhaus, Modernism, American Industrial Design and Postmodernism. The videos will delight anyone willing to discover the fundamentals of these movements. You can even find out which one is the closest to you.

    (via Yatzer)


  2. The Commons by Flickr

    For 5 years, Flickr has been gathering public domain pictures to create a giant base accessible to all: The Commons. The project is fueled by participating institutions such as the NASA, the New York Public Library or the Smithsonian Institution (you can see the full list here). However, any Flickr user can take part to the project and enrich this collection by adding tags and commenting if they knew anything about the topic. 

    The project has been started before Flickr acquisition by Yahoo but could become the tech giant’s equivalent to the Google Cultural Institute.

    At least Jesper Bruun won’t be the most present figure of this database

  3. Noisli will change the way you work

    Noisli is the last project of the Italian designer Stefano Merlo. This user-friendly website provides a full range of background noises (rain, wind, bonfire,…) to relax or be more productive. The website features a distraction-free text editor and eye-candy background colors.

    You can discover more projects by Stefano Merlo on his website, like the futiristic-looking silver soap, or follow him on Tumblr.